Project: Youth Empowerment Support to Non-Formal Learning – YES TO NFL

Youth Empowerment Support to Non-Formal Learning – YES to NFL is a European Project in the same line with Erasmus+ Program General Objective that contribute to the renewed framework for European Cooperation in youth field and the achievement of the Europe 2020 Strategy, including the headline education target. Western Balkan Countries and European Countries (Albania; Kosovo; Serbia; Belgium; Estonia; Italy; Bulgaria and Macedonia) with different backgrounds in NFL will come together and contribute in the promotion and recognition of NFL as an adequate methodology for youth work. Through this project the partner organisations aim to improve youth competencies and skills; to promote a modern education system through NFL; to strengthen the cooperation between all involved stakeholders and to improve intercultural dimensions in the youth field.

  • Local and Transnational Activities will be organized during the lifetime of the project and more than 460 youth will be participating and gaining/improving skills in these activities.
  • The Kick off Meeting will help to prepare the most satisfying and compliable with the current issues in the educational program sphere as well as outline the guidance for the activities and strengthening the partnership between all involved countries.
  • The Study Visit will allow participants to build capacities for developing and implementing projects aiming to increase the recognition of youth work, to explore possible links between recognition of youth work and employ-ability/employment of young people, to share and discuss experiences, examples and possibilities of working towards recognition and to develop partnerships for future action
  • The Training Course will help to establish connections in the formal education sector in our respective countries. The representatives of the formal education sector, on the other hand, will broaden their horizons in NFL. They will be able to use non-formal education tools during their work and therefore diversify their pool of methods for working with youth. Training Course participants are also expected later to be involved in the Erasmus+ projects, and not just as part-takers, but as organizers of activities. Furthermore, it is expected that participants will design a module with Non Formal Activities. Participants will be in charge to lead local activities back in their community to validate all the designed activities within the module.
  • Seminar is one important activity which is expected to contribute on finalizing and returning the module in a more professional manner which afterwards will be as a ready-tool for different entities.

Attending the foreseen activities will allow participants to build capacities for developing and implementing other new projects aiming to increase the recognition of youth work in European and Western Balkan Countries as well.

Planned project activities will start on November 2019 and will end on 31 December 2020.